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Taxation Services

Tax Return Preparation - Prepare individual, S Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Estate and Trust, Exempt Organization, Personal Property Tax, Sales Tax, and Payroll Tax. We are committed to keep you in compliance with the tax law.

Tax Planning - It is important for clients to plan ahead in order to avoid or minimize huge tax liabilities. With Crosdale & Associates as your tax advisor, we are devoted to look for any deductions and credits that might help you lower your tax liability.

Transactional Tax Planning - From time-to-time, you might have properties that you want to sell, we can help you determine whether it is cost effective to sell the property in the current year or wait until a future year.

Choice of Business Entity - Clients who are sole proprietors, C Corporations or Partnerships might want to change the choice of entity to an S Corporation we can help you make that determination.

Tax Audit Representation - If you receive a letter from the IRS or any of the local taxing authority, we can represent you before any of these agencies.

State and Local Tax Planning - If your company does business in multiple states, we can assist you in managing the complexities that comes with multiple state tax laws.

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