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Financial Management

Prepare comprehensive financial statement - Whether you are in the for profit industry or non-profit industry, our accountants can assist you with preparing for your next board meeting. We can prepare your executive letter, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of cash flows and notes to accompany the set of financial statements. These are just some of the tools that you will need to help you make investment decisions.

Activity Based Budgeting - Your goal is to create value for your business; and our job is to assist you in achieving that goal. With our accounting team, we will help you create a budgeting system that is unique to your business. Questions that clients need to address are: does the client have the assets and resources to meet its customer needs? How best should the business be structured? Is the client taking steps to improve its intellectual knowledge so it can be ahead of its competitors? Creating value is the ultimate goal for any successful business.

Personal Financial Statements - From time to time, clients might need to compose a personal financial statement for the bank or even to apply for a DBE/ACDBE certificate from the federal government. Whatever the reason, our company can assist you in putting together such statement.

Accounting Software - We provide training on QuickBooks, and Great Plains accounting system.

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